Family. It can pretty much be the best thing ever. They are your ever permanent support system. They helped build you from the ground up and continue to do so your entire life. Through the ups and downs and loopty loos life can throw in your path, your family is your anchor. Your life raft. That long rope you sometimes need to pull you back to reality. And generally, the only ones who can help you push that reset button. I think we all sometimes need that reset button. This year has been a little out of the ordinary and untraditional in a lot of ways. Our families may not have been within arms reach, but I have no doubt there have been video chats, and longer phone calls, or even a much needed trip to the beach where you could all finally just sit back, relax in a comfortable chair, and breathe. Family is everything. Blood, or chosen…. Family is the hub of the wheel of this crazy, wonderful, confusing, beautiful, sometimes chaotic, but always magical thing we call life.

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