“All because two people fell in love.”

Children are miracles. They appear here in this world almost by pure magic, and it’s hard not to ask then where they came from. We have children, generally when planed, for selfish reasons. Because we want them. Because we long for them. They do not ask to be in this world, or have control of their circumstance or new life. Yet, they arrive and love unconditionally, wholly, without question. They forgive us time and time again. They hold us in the palm of their tiny hands, when we brought them here so we may hold them in ours.

It was so much fun photographing this turned down mouthed, sassy, full of personality and opinionated ONE YEAR OLD! And I’m sure glad her momma and daddy decided to jump in a few shots too.

Billie Barrette, you are pure magic. Never lose that sass!

Those wispy little hairs…
The face you get right before she asks to speak to the manager.
Nope! Not letting go of momma’s hand. Not gonna happen.
“baby shark doo doo doo doo”
Momma’s girl fo’ life.
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