Parenting has been different this year for most. Suddenly you’re not just parenting, you’re teaching. On top of that, you’re trying to figure out your own responsibilities outside of parenting like your career. Juggling working from home, if able, or finding childcare since your children are forced into virtual learning due to circumstances beyond your control, because you are still expected to work your normal hours and keep up the usual status quo…. Life has been hard. But life is also beautiful. Parents have been spending more time with their children and experiencing moments they may have otherwise missed. They’re more involved in their children’s school work and activities, and stronger more intimate relationships are being formed. Families are spending more time outside exploring and being together. They’re showing more grace with one another and themselves and really putting in the time for self care. This year has been crazy, but it has also been good. I can’t think of another beautiful family that has taken this year with more grace and joy and positive attitudes. Was so much fun to capture a little snippet of them for this year. Whether you think of this as documenting a monumentous year of their lives, or just simply a few for the Christmas cards, the Dohertys are here for it; All smiles, all joy, all positive attitudes. And even if that level of joy, or those smiles, or those good attitudes drop for a moment here and there, I don’t think anyone would blame them…. I mean, we’re in the middle of a pandemic after all.

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