After a year long absence from the photography world, I am thrilled to say I am officially back.

It was such a pleasure getting my camera out and working with the stunning Hannah Kalfas in downtown Franklin last week. This beauty is a 21 year old jack of all trades from the small town of Bethany, Oklahoma. Like myself, Hannah grew up with many interests. What I find so incredibly admirable and refreshing about her, is instead of picking just one and leaving the rest behind, she jumped in the deep end and went after it all. With an early interest in music, Hannah moved to Nashville and attended Trevecca to hone in on her skills as a singer songwriter. With her immeasurable talent, including both guitar playing and an angelic like singing voice, I find myself eagerly clicking on any Instagram post she makes that involves her singing. In fact, I often find myself disappointed that the video format on Instagram only allows for a one minute video, causing it to be over all too soon.

Hannah’s other passions include dancing, modeling, acting, and instilling self confidence as a hair stylist. When asked what made her choose to be a stylist Hannah simply said that, “leaving the salon growing up I always felt so good about myself and I wanted to be able to do that for other people.” It says a lot about a person when their passion is helping others feel confident in their own skin. Bravo, Hannah… I love this about you.

Hannah happily gushes, “so, here I am a licensed stylist with a music degree, working in a salon and writing music, chasing all my dreams at once in a beautiful city.” How wonderful is that? May we all be so brave as to fight for and chase our dreams.

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