Every now and then, if we’re lucky, we get to witness great love from the beginning. For me, Celia and Joseph are one of those love stories. Best friends throughout high school, the two never dated, but when they finally tested the romantic waters, there was no doubting this was what they had been waiting for. Their love is infectious. Just watching them be together brings hope and joy to your world. A few days after they tied the knot, I asked Celia how married life was and her only response was, “we’re smitten with each other.” The way they love one another is true, and pure, and strong enough to last multiple life times.

Photographing their ceremony was such an honor. These photographs are what will remain from this most wonderful day of their lives, and they chose ME to capture it. They trusted me with the safety of this precious memory. I am nothing if not completely humbled by their trust in me to do so. So, thank you Celia and Joseph. I will always remember your wedding day as a landmark in my professional career, as well as the day I got to watch one of my best friends marry her prince charming.

At one point during the ceremony, I pulled the camera away from my face to wipe a few tears, glanced around and noticed I was not the only one having trouble keeping it together. The bride’s niece, who acted as the flower girl during the ceremony, was leaning on her mom for emotional support, the mother of the bride, as well as the mother of the groom were wiping tears from their cheeks, and well more than a bridesmaid or two were dabbing their eyes to prevent mascara from running. All tears of joy of course. It’s a beautiful thing to see a couple commit themselves to each other, especially as whole heartedly as Celia and Joseph did that day.

I hope you enjoy these images… The ceremony took place on St. George Island, Florida.

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