In March of 2016, Drew and I made one of our life long dreams come true by moving to the beach. For a year we delighted in the ability to dip our toes in the ocean any time we please. We strolled down the shore at sunset as often as possible, and of course took full advantage of the abundance of fresh seafood on every corner. But, what I was most excited for was the work. I had been adding to my collection of beach sunset images for years, but the ability to work with clients AT THE BEACH was a different kind of dream. What became such a blessing, was all of my former Nashville and east Texas friends and clients that would book a beach portrait session with me while on vacation. I worked with families, couples, models, children and so on… It’s no surprise that my favorite of sorts was the model portraits, but something they all had in common was the want and willingness to get in the water. The beach just alway seemed to make everyone relax, be present in the moment, and enjoy their time in front of the camera. One day, perhaps, I’ll live there again and be privileged to capture such things. But, for now, here is a compilation of what was captured in 2016. 

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