Stella McBride… where do I begin? Creative does not even begin to cover it. Nor does the word kind, funny, stylish, or loyal. Stella is 22, as of TODAY!, AND RECENTLY ENGAGED, so roll out the celebratory carpet and celebrate along with her.

As a fashion major in college, it’s no surprise that Stella had her own fashion blog, Styles of Stella, and now a sizable Instagram following with the same name. (Here’s a link —> Styles of Stella ) She may have discontinued her blog for the time being, as it is important to her to remain authentic, and she felt as if her blog was no longer so. However, there’s plenty of style and life inspiration to be found on the gram. I find it incredibly admirable that Stella found it time to hit pause, or stop on her blog. Authenticity is something hard to find these days with our lives revolving so much around social media. A lot of individuals take on a new persona for their on screen lives, but that’s not what you’ll find with her.

Stella’s fashion sense of course speaks volumes to her creativity, but so do her past and current job titles. She in the past has worked for Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware as a Curator, and now as the Display Artist and Event Decorator for Tiffany’s. Yes, THAT Tiffany’s.

Something Stella and I have in common is her passions for shopping small, local and sustainable. – I’d keep an eye on this chick… she’s going to do big things.

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