Had so much fun with the Dohertys during this year’s fall session. They moved out of their first family home this past year. The home each of their girls came home to from the hospital. The home they took their first steps, learned to ride a bike, and where they said “mom” and “dad” for the first time. So, it was important to spend half of our session at that first home documenting their lives, and growth, and change, as we have so many times in the years past. You’ll see photos in their back yard by the broken wooden fence. Photos taken on their first ever front porch. And in the side yard where their first tree swing once hung.

These three girls are magic. With fun loving parents, values both in education and fun, it’s no wonder these girls are so well rounded. Well rounded, but so different. I absolutely love how children who come from the same two people can be so incredibly, drastically different. Stella is sweet, organized, sarcastic, wants to finish projects as soon as they arise, attentive, and sure. Josie is creative, feels her emotions with her whole heart, messy, a procrastinator, has a short attention span, funny, and thoughtful. Norah is wild, hilarious, independent, loves to sing at the top of her lungs, a goofball, and oh so sweet.  But they are all kind. They may fight and slam doors, and vow to never play together ever again, but at the end of the day they are the best of friends. As sisters should be. 

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