The family of all families. Italian American. Life loving. Fun seeking. Family prioritizing. All around good time.

I have been photographing this family for 10+ years. Hard to believe I’ve known them this long, but also feels like they’ve been there all along. And for them to trust me year after year, memory after memory, family get together after family get together to capture these images for them… wow! What an honor. I love every single one of you.

This wonderful family gets together (most) every 4th of July. I love that they have this tradition, because as we grow older, get married, have children, life can take us all different directions around the usual holidays, so why not take the control back and gather together in the midst of the summer? Genius!

It has been so much fun watching this family evolve. Little ones added. Little ones growing (some taller than me, but we won’t talk about that). They practically pose themselves at this point in time.

Thanks again for having me, Valentino clan. I can’t wait until the next.

Where it all started.
The original six.
When all 11 grands are old enough to stand still, look at the camera and smile. 🙂
Doug, we missed you… but look how beautiful your family is.
Retirement party fun!
Lucia front and center showing ’em how it’s done.

Because cowboys are serious. Except Joey. Joey has had enough.
Life is good.
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